With today's corporate environment demanding downsizing, re-engineering and over all streamlining of personnel, Everything's Planned provides all the services and support you need.

At Everything's Planned we fit the pieces together by providing personalized service to organizations that may want the extra time to focus on the content of their program while our experienced professional staff handles all the backroom and front-end preparation to create a successful program.

Our mission is to save you money and valuable staff time as we ensure organized and efficient professional programs. 

We are designed to be a partnership with all our clients.  We offer ala carte services.  Many of our clients may use only one service.  Others prefer that we assist in planning the entire program for them.  Still others prefer we do all the planning.  The choice is yours.

We work for you to locate the best site for you to hold your proram to suit your taste.  Let our experienced staff assist you with invitation preparation, mailings and RSVP tracking.

Our specialists can become your "in-house" Marketing Department to assist in planning and coordinating of just one project, or, handling all your programs for the entire year.  We recognize each program has a unique set of needs and goals:  that success cannot be attained until each item is identified.  To this end we are committed to spending the time to analyze your needs.

For your next program, contact Everything's Planned today!


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